Jawaharlal nehru college

Our Management

Dr.S.Devi M.A(NET), M.Phil, M.B.A(NET), PGDGC, Ph.D

To perform one’s role efficiently in this world, education is the important tool to face the real life situation. We have high expectations from our students both academically and behaviorally. We are confident that our students will keep up to our expectations .We ensure that our students will come up with flying colors in their future. The main motto of our institution is to awake rural girls to develop their general employment skills and promote prosperity .The full support is given to increase the resources for students development .Our main intension is to increase the standard of living by offer employment opportunities and to face boldly the challenges in the society.

The parental care towards the students will make them to come with good soul and strong enough to face this competitive world. So according to that our career goals have been set for the future development for the students and our full thoughts is focused to empower the students knowledge .Our vision is to motivate the rural and urban girls to protect and develop their creativity and awareness. So I welcome you all my dear students to this great institution for your elevated future.

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