Jawaharlal nehru college

Computer Laboratory

Well-maintained laboratories equipped with all amenities are the foundation of an educational institution. Jawaharlal College for Women is well-known for its laboratory set up that comprises of large floor area, adequate sitting, proper ventilation and air-conditioning, large power backup and adequate sitting arrangement. The count of apparatuses is maintained such that every student gets ample of research and practicing time without any compromises. Additional apparatuses are stocked for immediate replacement as and when required

The computer labs house latest hardware configurations in computer systems that are connected through LAN and are backed up with large power banks. High-speed continuous Internet connectivity is provisioned to extend the scope of study material that student can get for better and self-learning. Latest software are installed in labs to ensure the availability of tools required to stay updated with latest trends. Projectors are arranged for live demonstration of concept implementations during lab sessions.

Students are grouped in teams wherein every member is assigned role on rotational basis. Thus each student gets adequate exposure to the usage of tools and apparatuses in a real scenario. Teachers demonstrate the usage of these tools followed by hands-on practice sessions by the students.

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