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About the Department

The Department of Physics was established in 2014 to provide education, to impart knowledge and to promote research and extension activities. The department has well equipped laboratories. Our department provides basic physics foundation through lectures and laboratory courses to the students of the B.Sc programme. This program trains future physicists with hands-on experience on pure sciences and skill based knowledge.

Scope of B.Sc Physics

  • Physics is the branch of science, which deals with the study of nature and natural phenomena. The repetition of day and night, cycle of seasons, volcanoes, rainbows, eclipses and the starry night sky have always been a source of wonder and subject of thought.
  • Understanding science begins with understanding physics. With every passing day, physics has brought to us deeper levels of understanding of nature.
  • The scope of physics can be understood if one looks at its various sub-disciplines such as mechanics, optics, heat and thermodynamics, electrodynamics, atomic physics, nuclear physics, etc.
  • Mechanics deals with motion of particles and general systems of particles. The working of telescopes, colours of thin films is the topics dealt in optics.
  • Heat and thermodynamics deals with the pressure - volume changes that take place in a gas when its temperature changes, working of refrigerator, etc.
  • The phenomena of charged particles and magnetic bodies are dealt in electrodynamics.
  • The magnetic field around a current carrying conductor, propagation of radio waves etc. are the areas where electrodynamics provides an answer.
  • Atomic and nuclear physics deals with the constitution and structure of matter, interaction of atoms and nuclei with electrons, photons and other elementary particles.
  • Foundation of physics enables us to appreciate and enjoy things and happenings around us.
  • The laws of physics help us to understand and comprehend the cause-effect relationships in what we observe. This makes a complex problem to appear pretty simple.
  • Physics is exciting in many ways. Applied physics is even more interesting. Transforming laws and theories into useful applications require great ingenuity and persistent effort.

Our Vision

Our department aspires to provide the best scientific methods in teaching the basic principles of physics, both theoretical and experimental and puts most of time to keep the level of education, scientific research and community service.

Our Mission

  • Impart quality education and promote scientific temper.
  • Promoting academic excellence with discipline.
  • Blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills.
  • To provide a comprehensive undergraduate physics degree programme
  • To encourage inter-disciplinary thinking by providing students with educational and research opportunities.

Guest Lecturer

S.No. Date Topic Conducted By
1 21.02.2020 Technological Importance of Single Crystal Dr.P.Vijayan, Scientist Associate Professor, National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi.


S.No. Name of the Activity Date Resource Person Details Description
1 Science Exhibition Dr.J.S.A.Arun Working And Non Working Model
3 Webinar 13.02.2021 Prof. Dr.R.Nithya On the topic of RECENT TRENDS IN MATERIAL SCIENCE

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