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About the Department

The department of English was originally established in the year 2011 to offer English course for under graduate (B.A) and post graduate (M.A) during the year 2015. We have sent 6 batches from B.A English and 3 batches from M.A English from department with good results. And we having the qualified faculty members of our department are eleven in numbers.

Scope of English

For English Literature students have following job opportunities in various fields. It follows:

  • The students studying English literature can become teachers in schools and colleges after completing their post graduation. They choose either of them on fulfilling the eligibility criteria.
  • The students can be language trainers in multinational companies on completing their graduation if they know proficiency in using language .
  • The students prefer to be a journalist if they are interested in travelling and gathering information from various sources.
  • The students prefer the job of editors in newspapers if they know the proficiency in writing skill.
  • The students choose the field of translation if they know two or more languages. They have to be efficient in using grammar.
  • The students can be freelancers and online tutors if they are efficient in both spoken and written mode.
  • The students choose the job of call centre executive on being trained with British and American accent.
  • The students opt the field of tourist guide if they are interested in travelling and public relation officer if they have a rapport with people they meet.

Our Vision

The Department of English as a centre for academic excellence will provide programs of the highest quality to graduate effective thinkers, readers, and writers who can address challenges of the new century. The English Department is the largest department in our college, contributing in essential ways to students' personal growth, knowledge, and critical thinking abilities. To assure that students encounter creativity crucial to English studies through theater productions, readings by professional writers, and their own creative and critical production and presentation. To help students see themselves as professionals, as part of a discipline with skills and abilities valuable in the teaching, publishing, or post-graduate work.

Our Mission

It also provides General Education course in Communication, Women’s Studies and Environmental Studies. They pursue careers in education, research, business, law, government, and publishing. The Department's policies and its reading- and writing-intensive curriculum demonstrate our commitment to the liberal arts. Prepare them for careers and higher education. Enable the students to develop to understand through the various field of literature in English. Strengthen the student’s ability to analyze all forms of literary expression.

Guest Lecturer

S.No. Name of the Topic Date Conducted by Person with Details
1 Emerging Trendz in ELT 05.01.2019 A Velsamy (Govt. Arts College Ariyalur)
2 The History and Critisicm of English Literature-an Overview 04.07.2017 J Nisha (St. Thomas College Chennai)
3 Feminism 30.01.2017 Geetha (Aringar Anna College Villupuram)
4 Writing vocabulary Acquistation 19.08.2016 Dr. John Love (St. Joseph College Trichy)


S.No. Name of the Activity Date
1 Intra Departmental Competition 09.01.2019

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