Dr. K. Jayaraman

Chairman & Managing Director

“A renowned Philanthropist and Chief Engineer (Rtd.) Hightways Dept. Govt. of Tamil Nadu.,an exemplary leader with more than three decades of righ experience in the field of Engineering and Administration has been the driving force behind developing World Class Infrastructure Initiatives and Development in Tamil Nadu. His vision is to serve and improve the standard of the education & culture for the people/society from under developed socio-economic and backward regions.”

Ms. Santhi Jayaraman M.A


“She is an additional feather in the crown of JNCW, a soul responsible behind the success of our chairman. She believes that women education not only empowers, but also makes them independent and courage. She always motivates young women to fulfil their ambitions. Her mission is quality education through discipline produce student community with social responsiveness.”

Mr. Arun J.S.A B.E, M.B.A

Secretary & Correspondent

“He is a young, dynamic personality takes unstinted, untiring and meticulous efforts towards the development of this temple of learning. He follows the noble vision of the chairman to empower women of rural back ground through quality education. He is an excellent inspirer to young generation in attaining their goals. With his excellent guidance, the institution steps to greater heights. His foresight is that the institution should excel both in curricular and extracurricular activities.”

Prof. Subash Chandra Bose Msc .,M.phil.,B.Ed.


“He rendered a noble service to the student community as a professor of Mathematics for a long tenure of 27 years in Government College and 4 years in private Engineering College. He is a versatile personality and a role model to all the young minds. His simplicity, dedication and magnanimity are inspirational source for many students and faculty. His excellent administrative skill helps to lift the college a step ahead. His multifarious approach bring the institution excel in all activities.”

Chairman’s Message

Greetings to all,

“Empowerment of women belonging to all social status is the need of the day. It can be possible only through their educational and consequent professional advancement in life. As per the words of Brigham Young, ‘you educate a woman, you educate a generation’. But, woman seems to be helpless victims of all sorts of violence and discriminations. Poverty and tradition act as the constraints for them to establish their individual advancement. All families give step motherly treatment to female children. They also consider them as a burden to the families. But they happily forget the fact that women alone are the preservers of peace, happiness and harmony at home. If a woman is educated, all others will get educated through her. Women education should be upper most in the minds of every individual. Educating a woman is a gate way to the development of home, society and country. Considering this fact, a great initiative is taken with a legendary vision to provide educational avenues to the women belonging to rural areas. It is mainly to inculcate in their minds self-confidence, assertion, individuality and independence. If women have these virtues, they can brave any situations in life with positive outlook and emerge as responsible citizens of our nation. I happily welcome you all to the portals of JNCW.”